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Monday, May 12, 2014

Teens and #DigCit - A New Round of Posts!

Our 4-Part Project
The third and final batch of 9th graders has rotated through the Digital Citizenship class, and they have just published their posts to our blog. Please help us out!

In this four part project (more details here), publishing our work comes after lengthy research and draft writing. Then we get to the fun part, which is interacting with all of you! We aim to teach digital citizenship by actually practicing it. So, with that in mind, we invite as many people to come and read our posts as possible, and we especially invite you to leave us a comment. Students are responsible for moderating the discourse under their post, and will answer your questions or otherwise respond to your thoughts. Please visit!

Here are all the posts from 3rd trimester students thus far.

Copyright and Other Legal/Ethical Issues:

Television, Media, Videogames and Kids:

Gender and the Media:

What Your Digital Footprint Says About You:

Technology and Your Health:

Photoshop, Altered Images, Self-Esteem:

Thanks for helping our cause. Students really get excited when they realize that other people are reading their work and not just their teacher. It's a bit nerve-wracking to become a "published author on the internet," which is why we have them do a reflection piece at the end of the whole thing. Check back for those in a couple weeks!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Thank You, Olympic View Elementary!

It was a warm and beautiful evening in Seattle last night! We are so appreciative of the many PTA members who joined us at Olympic View for our presentation. Slide are all below, and links within are all active.

Shortcuts to a few things: 
Evolving Parents
9th Grade Digital Citizenship (student posts)
Common Sense Media
A Platform for Good (great resources for parents)

Recommended Books:
It's Complicated, danah boyd
Masterminds & Wingmen, Rosalind Wiseman
The Elephant in the Living Room, Dr. Dimitri Christakis